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TeachingintheSunshine Free Book Report Printable Opens with a plane full of British schoolboys crashing on a deserted tropical island. I came across this free really cute & simple book report template by B Nute Productions. It would be great for lower primary grades. It also could be a nice idea for a summer activity to keep the mind working. I like the idea of creating a sort of ongoing binder tracking their fave books over a period of time.

Creative Book Report Ideas for Every Grade and Subject With no adults surviving the crash, the boys are left to themselves to try to stay alive. Book Reports in a Bag. SOURCE Sunday Dispatch. This project really encourages creative thinking. Students read a book and write a summary. Then, they decorate a paper grocery bag with a scene from the book, place in the bag five items that represent something from the book, and present the bag to the class! 9. File Folder Book Report

How to Create a Novel Brochure Book Report Lit Mama Immediately a sort of informal society springs up with the election of a leader and the setting down of formal objectives and rules. Thanks for joining the What to Read hop! I’m not convinced book reports are necessary, I’m an avid reader and I always loathed reports. Also, I can not remember a single book I did a report on in school, and I know there were many. However, if I do end up requiring it of my kids, I’ll keep this bookmarked.

Book Report Folder - PC\MAC Initially, rescue is foremost on the collective mind, but it is not long before a power struggle ensues with Jack attempting to sway the boys to his camp. Book _____ Author _____ Materials Needed File folder, markers, pencil, colored pencil, internet or other research resources, and your book Directions Use the checklist below to complete your book report project Front Cover The front cover of the file folder should include

Create a Story Summary Folder Activity Possessing different goals and vastly different sets of ethics, the boys divide into two tribes. Upon completion of a favorite novel or story, your child can use this activity to “sum up" the book and let others know about her opinion of what she has just read. Begin by having her decorate the front of the file folder with the title and author of the book, her name and a colorful picture about the book using the crayons or markers.

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